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25 Fun Things to Do in Acadia National Park When It Rains

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If you are heading to Acadia, especially in fall, you may be wondering what are the best things to do in Acadia National Park when it rains? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

No one likes to think of rainy days on their vacation, especially when you’re looking for sunshine and outdoor adventures. But you don’t need to let a little wet, rain on your parade.

Growing up on the rainy coast, we are well experienced in finding fun activities for rainy days. No matter where we travel, including Acadia & Bar Harbor.

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor rainy day activities and places to explore in the park and surrounding area. From safe hikes, drives, and boat & bus tours of Acadia to museums, food & visiting local islands by ferry.

Plenty to keep everyone entertained. Whether you are heading out with family or friends, there is plenty of fun to be had.


The good thing about rain in Maine, particularly on the coast is it is often light, and fleeting.

Often if it’s foggy or rainy in Bar Harbour area, taking a drive to the other side of the island to the Southwest Harbor, or vice versa will give you completely different weather. Flexibility is key.

Growing up on the west coast of Canada, it rained a lot in spring and winter. As the saying goes, there is no bad weather, just bad (or improper) gear.

If you are planning on heading out to Acadia during more rainy months, be sure to bring proper rain gear, and an extra change of clothes. That way you can experience the main highlights and attractions, no matter the weather.

The scenery can be quite dramatic and lovely in the rain. And well worth it to still get out an explore. Here is our best of list – What to do in Acadia National Park when it rains, a quick overview (read more below for full details):

  1. Walk on the Carriage Road
  2. Drive the Park Loop Road
  3. Enjoy A Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride
  4. Take Epic Photos of Thunder Hole
  5. Dance Barefoot in the Sand in the Rain
  6. Hike The Jordan Pond Loop
  7. Take a Boat Ride
  8. Wander the Wild Gardens of Acadia
  9. Take Gorgeous Photos of Bass Harbor Lighthouse
  10. Explore Bar Harbor & Pop Into Shops
  11. Hike the Jesup Path & Hemlock Loop
  12. Hike Lower Haddock Pond Loop
  13. Walk the Ocean Path
  14. Hike Gorham Mountain
  15. Hike the Family Friendly Wonderland Trail
  16. Sit Back on a Bus Tour of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park
  17. Visit the Hulls Cove Visitor Center
  18. Get Back To Nature at the Sieur de Monts Nature Center
  19. Learn Some Local History at the Abbe Museum
  20. Drive The Schoodic Peninsula
  21. Eat Lobster
  22. Take the Ferry to Isle au Haut
  23. Buy Gifts & Souvenirs at Shore Shop Gifts.
  24. Visit A Library
  25. Watch a Show at the Historic Criterion Theater
List of the top 5 things to do in Acadia when it rains with photos; hike, drive the Park Loop Road, Visit Sieur de Monts Nature Center, drive the schoodic peninsula, and eat lobster.

Want to travel more as a family?

Rain Gear to Bring for Rainy Days in Acadia

If you are planning a trip to Acadia National Park in fall, or if rain is in the forecast, you’ll want to bring some high quality rain gear. That way you and your family can still enjoy the outdoors, and stay dry (or mostly ;).

Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Light weight rain jacket – Depending on the season a light weight raincoat or shell would be a good idea. Columbia and Eddie Bauer are our go-to brands as a family for affordable and quality outdoor gear. This Columbia Men’s jacket is one my partner has used for the last few years and loves it. Here’s a quality Columbia rain jacket for women.
  • Muddy Buddy for Toddlers Full suit Muddy Buddies have saved many a rainy day in our family. Toddlers LOVE jumping in puddles and getting dirty. Wrap them all up, then rain becomes a fun activity, and less work for you.
  • Waterproof Backpack / Cover – A Waterproof Backpack is essential for keeping your extra layers, cell phones, cameras and snacks dry. Sometimes we even use a dry bag inside our backpack or bring along a waterproof cell phone pouch for extra protection for our electronics.

Having rain gear on hand will make your trip more enjoyable in case of Acadia National Park rainy days.

My family always teasingly calls me “safety first” as I try to be prepared for anything, including weather. It’s saved us hassles countless times. My Girl Guide leaders of my youth would be so proud.

Acadia is just one of the many things to do in Maine.

Young girl in rain suit playing in puddles.
Kids love rain & puddles


1. Walk on the Carriage Road

Carriage roads colorful fall leaves.
Carriage Roads Acadia National Park

A walk on the carriage roads or trails is a great way to experience the beauty of Acadia National Park in the rain. The majority of paths are wide and gravel, so not as likely to be muddy or slippery.

With over 45 miles to choose from, you won’t lack for ideas. Some favorite carriage roads for visitors are:

  • Eagle Lake Carriage Trail – This 6 mile trail winds its way around Eagle Lake and you can access it from Eagle Lake Road.
  • Witch Hole Pond Carriage Trail – Access it from the Eagle Lake Road parking lot and go south. Or start at the Duck Brook Bridge.
  • Jordan Pond – walk the west side of the pond along the carriage road, following the high route for fantastic views of the pond.

In spring, certain roads may be closed due to the “mud season” so just be sure to respect any closures.

2. Drive the Park Loop Road

Overcast, Acadia Park Loop Road.
Acadia Roadways on Rainy Day

When in doubt, road trip it out! Taking a scenic drive along the Park Loop Road is a great way to see the east side of Acadia National Park, and Mount Desert Island in the rain. This Loop should be at the top of everyone’s Acadia itinerary.

⭐️ Don’t have a car? This popular bus tour of Acadia is a fun & informative alternative for seeing all the sites.

The full 27 mile (43km) road will take you about 3-4 hours to complete anyway. Best part….you can stop at gorgeous viewpoints, beaches and other attractions, as the rain lets up along the way.

Or make a made dash in the rain for epic wind swept photos a top Cadillac Mountain.

Start at the Hulls Cove Vistor Centre and make your way south along Paradise Hill Road to you start the loop part.

Another option is to take in the rugged coastline and mountain views from the comfort of your car by bringing along a self-guided audio tour. Learn some history as you go.

Key highlights not to miss include:

  • Drive Cadillac Summit Road & stop at the top of Cadillac Mountain (sunrise or sunset is spectacular) – you will need a vehicle reservation during peak months May to October.
  • Sand Beach
  • Ocean Path – take a leisurely stroll along this beach side path.
  • Thunder Hole
  • Otter Cliffs
  • Jordan Pond & Jordan Pond House

You can also ride the free Island Explorer typically mid-June to mid-Oct during the busiest months, to avoid the car crowds.

There are many great hotels in Bar Harbor with pools, and other fantastic amenities to stay at.

Free Travel planner pages fanned out. Grab it here.

3. Enjoy A Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

Feeling a bit lazy? Then the horse-drawn carriages ride may be more your speed for taking in the Carriage Roads. 

These historically narrated tours offer gorgeous ocean views, as well as giving the passengers the opportunity to admire the bridge construction.

Local Tip: They go out rain or shine, unless there’s been thunder and lightening or there’s a strong downpour. Reservations strongly recommended.

4. Take Epic Photos of Thunder Hole

Stormy and rainy days just might be the best time to take a photo of Thunder Hole.

When the waves crash against to shore, they shoot high up into the air, and make the sound of…..you guessed it thunder.

Rainy foggy ocean waves crahings against rocks in Acadia National Park.

5. Dance Barefoot in the Sand in the Rain

sandcastle mound with small toy tractor on top. Family blurry in backgorund by the shore.
Sand Beach in Acadia National Park
Photo: “Lost in the Midwest / depositphotos.com”

Sand Beach is the only truly sandy beach in Acadia. Bring your friends, family and dance barefoot in the rain, or dip your toes in the waves. The water is COLD so you won’t likely want to stay in too long. Be sure to bring a towel to wipe up those feet.

There are many more beaches in Acadia to explore.

6. Hike The Jordan Pond Loop

Wooden boardwalk along Jordan Pond Trail on a rainy day in Acadia.

The Jordan Pond Trail loop is an easy choice for inclement weather, and along the Park Loop Road. This Easy 3.4 mile roundtrip hike, is perfect for families, on flat well groomed trail and raised wooden boardwalk along the wetlands.

Plus you can warm up at the Jordan Pond House Cafe afterwards with a coffee, chowder and their infamous popovers. Make reservations as it does get busy.

7. Take a Boat Ride

Schooner in Acadia National Park

Rainy days are the perfect time to hop aboard a sailing vessel, and ride the stormy seas. Ok, maybe not too stormy.

For the kids, Ed’s Dive In Theatre is always a blast. Board the “Starfish Enterprise,” and head out on the water to a special diving spot.

Grab a guided boat tour aboard Lulu’s Lobster Boat, and learn about local history, folklore, and the lobster industry, all while keeping an eye out for seals, and whales. Yes even lobsters.

Nearby Camden Harbor is considered one of the most beautiful harbors in New England. Their Windjammer Classic Day Sail and Windjammer Classic Sunset Sails are super popular. It’s about an hour and forty five minute drive from Bar Harbour, ME, but well worth it.

8. Wander the Wild Gardens of Acadia

Path though Wild Gardens of Acadia.

Explore the wilds of Acadia….gardens that is. See if you can spot some of the over 400 native plant species in the thirteen beautiful sections designed to represent natural plant communities found within Acadia National Park; mountains, heath, seaside, coniferous forest and more.

Entrance to the Wild Gardens of Acadia is free with your park pass. New England at its finest.

9. Take Gorgeous Photos of Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, on rocky shore of Acadia National Park, Maine. Rainy Day activities in Acadia.
Bass Harbor Lighthouse in Acadia National Park, Maine in New England
Photo:”ftlaudgirl / depositphotos.com”

When you think of Acadia National Park, the iconic Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse is likely to come to mind. Perched on the edge of the rocky shore, against the backdrop of ocean lit skies. Wonderful place to wander the shoreline path and take photos.

The path to the right takes you up close to the lighthouse.

For the best photos, take trail to the left of the lighthouse. Enjoy a quick walk through the woods and then to a cliff side where you’ll get a great view of the lighthouse and some gorgeous photos. Just watch your step and be careful on the rocky edge.

10. Explore Bar Harbor & Pop Into Shops

Dowtown Bar Harbor, ME rainy day

Bar Harbor is a quaint New England sea side town with a vibrant small downtown, and many fantastic places to stay.

Here you will find everything from weekly Farmer’s Markets, to art galleries, delicious restaurants and the perennial kid favorite Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium. They offer 70+ flavours of ice cream and gelato, homemade fudge, chocolates and candy. Try the lobster ice cream, if you dare!

Grab a coffee & a treat at Choco-latte or at Coffee Matter.

Then wander the lovely Shore Path along Frenchman Bay, winding its way along the shoreline, harbors full of sailboats, and sunrise in early morning. Bring an umbrella and a rain jacket.

There are so many great oceanfront hotels in Maine to stay at, not only in Bar Harbor.

Best Acadia Hikes in the Rain

A list of Acadia rainy day activities wouldn’t be complete without shouting out some safe and fun options for hiking in the rain.

You’ll likely want to stick with the relatively flat trails, as many of the more challenging and mountainous trails like the Beehive Trail and Precipice Trail include stretches of going up, or down over bare granite rock, ladders and steep drop offs. This can become quite slippery & treacherous in the rain.

The following are our top 7 favorite rainy day hikes, Acadia style.

11. Hike the Jesup Path & Hemlock Loop

Jesup Trail In Acadia National Park boardwalk

Jesup Path & Hemlock Loop – One local all-season favorite is the Jesup Path, Hemlock Road (Hemlock Loop) & Wild Garden figure 8 route that runs from Loop Road through the edge of Great Meadow, past Sieur de Monts, and out to The Tarn and back. Many enjoy just the easy Jesup Path & Hemlock Loop (1.7-mile loop trail) itself.

12. Hike Lower Haddock Pond Loop

Lower Hadlock Pond Loop – Family friendly 1.7 mile loop near Northeast Harbor. Pretty views, that follow the banks of the pond. Perfect for young kids.

13. Walk the Ocean Path

Monument cove on the Ocean Path Acadia
Ocean Path in Acadia National Park

The Ocean Path is a family favourite of the Acadia rainy day hikes, that follows the ocean. Starting at Sand Beach it runs parallel to Park Loop Road and the ocean 0.7 miles past Thunder Hole all the way to Otter Cliff and Otter Point, (4miles or 6.4km one way).

From Sand Beach to Thunder Hole the trail is a mix of concrete and packed gravel surfaces. The rest of the trail is gravelly and rocky with uneven surfaces.

A couple of other easy rainy day hikes in Acadia nearby are:

  • Carriage Roads – As mentioned earlier, the Carriage Road are perfect for an all weather stroll. Try the 6 mile Eagle Lake Carriage Trail or the Witch Hole Pond Carriage Trail.

14. Hike Gorham Mountain

Gorham Mountain – experience rocky coastline, and panoramic ocean views, with Cadillac Mountain in the distance on the 3.5 mile round trip moderate hike. You’ll likely want to avoid the Cadillac Cliff Trail option / section, as there’s rungs and ladders to assist hikers over rock scrambles, finishing with a steep granite stair climb. Not the easiest in the rain. 

15. Hike the Family Friendly Wonderland Trail

Wonderland Trail rocky shoreline.

Wonderland – Another family friendly trail that meanders along an old gravel fire road to the coast. Only 1.4 miles round trip, with plenty of tidepools to explore on the beach. Located between Seawall Campground and the Ship Harbor Trail.

Acadia is one of the more pet friendly USA National Parks. Plus there are a few pet-friendly hotels in Bar Harbor that will welcome your furry family too


16. Sit Back on a Bus Tour of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

Letting someone else drive is a great way to relax and just enjoy the scenery, viewpoints and iconic Acadia sites.

A narrated bus tour of Acadia is a relaxingway to discover highlights like Cadillac Mountain, Thunder Hole (hear the ocean waves roar), Sieur De Mont’s Spring, Jordan Pond, and more. Avoid the stress of finding parking spots at the most popular spots.

Book Acadia bus tour

17. Visit the Hulls Cove Visitor Center

Make the Hulls Cove Vistor Center your first stop to pick up maps, and get advice for your Acadia National Park Adventure. Certain hikes are not advisable in the rain, and there may be closures.

This main visitor station is located off of Route 3 in Bar Harbor, Maine (usually open seasonally, May to October).

Take a look at the informative exhibits and art works from the Acadia Artist-in-Residence program on display. Check to see what ranger led activities are happening in the park while you are there.

18. Get Back To Nature at the Sieur de Monts Nature Center

Visit the Sieur de Monts Nature Center, where you will find visitor services, hiking information, and interactive exhibits. Park rangers are there from spring to fall (May through mid-October usually), if you have any questions.

Learn more about the important work of park biologists and researchers to protect park resources through family-friendly exhibits and activities. You can access many trailheads here for the hiking trails starting in the Sieur de Monts area.

If you have kidlets with you, pick up a Junior Ranger Booklet for them to fill out, and learn more about the land they are walking on.

Plus it’s close to the Acadia Wild Gardens and Abbe Museum, also on our list of things to do in Acadia in the rain.

19. Learn Some Local History at the Abbe Museum

The Abbe Museum and it’s satellite branch in Acadia park is the only Smithsonian-affiliated museum in Maine. Abbe features permanent and changing exhibits, as well as special events throughout the year that showcase the history and cultures of the Wabanaki.

The Sieur de Monts location in the park is temporarily closed for maintenance. Check the NPS website to see when it will reopen.

20. Drive The Schoodic Peninsula

Rocky Acadia National Park rocky and foggy coastline along the Schoodic Peninsula. On a rainy day Acadia.
A foggy morning on the Schoodic Peninsula
Photo: “adifferentbrian / depositphotos.com”

The Schoodic Peninsula is the gorgeous, less crowded Acadia National Park experience located on the mainland section, east of Mt. Desert Island. This park loop road goes around the rugged coastline and can be driven in about an hour or so if you don’t stop too many times.

Popular stopping points a long the way include the very pretty Frazer Point Picnic Area and fishing dock – perfect for Acadia rainy day activities. Keep an eye out for the Winter Harbor Lighthouse in the distance, if it’s not too foggy.

Visit Schoodic Point for it’s picture perfect rocky shoreline and crashing waves, and the scenic Blueberry Hill.

The easy scenic drive to Schoodic is about 90 minutes from Bar Harbour.

Local Tip: Be sure to stop at the Pickled Wrinkle on the way back, a great local spot with yummy food and good local craft beer. Fan favourites include the Frazier Point steak sandwich, burgers and the crab roll stuffed with local crab meat.

21. Eat Lobster

Traditional Lobster Pound in Trenton, Maine. Best things to do in Acadia in the rain, eat lobster.
A Lobster Pound in Trenton, Maine
Photo: “zhukovsky / depositphotos.com”

When in Maine, eat all the lobster! You can even eat lobster for breakfast at these great Bar Harbor breakfast spots.

What better way than to visit a Lobster Pound, Open seasonally (usually May to October). It’s in my humble opinion the perfect activity for a rainy day Acadia style.

Best Places to eat lobster in and around Bar Harbour, Maine include:

  • Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound – 1237 Bar Harbor Rd., Trenton, ME (open seasonally). Eat fresh lobster while enjoying a mountain and bay view outside in good weather, or eat-in or take out on rainy days. Fan favourites include the hard shell lobster dinner, lobster rolls and  
  • Thurston’s Lobster Pound – 9 Thurston Rd, Bernard, ME (open seasonally) – Close to Bass Harbor Lighthouse. Fantastic location on the water. Try the plump and juicy steamers, fresh u-pick lobster, mussels and lobster rolls.
  • Rose Eden Lobster (former Travelin’ Lobster) – 864 State Highway 3- Road side lobster shack about 5 miles outside of town. Great for take out on rainy days or outside seatin gin better weather. Check out the fresh lobster dinner with mussels and the lobster rolls.
  • Galyn’s – 17 Main Street, Bar Harbor, ME. Check out their clam chowder, Haddock, crab cakes, and lpbster rolls. A reservation is recommended as it’s a popular restuarant.

22. Take the Ferry to Isle au Haut

Duck Harbor, Isle au Haut shoreline
Duck Harbor, Isle au Haut Acadia National Park

Invite your family on a mini cruise, & take the Ferry to Isle au Haut. This remote island is accessible by a passenger ferry year round.

You can catch the 40 minute boat ride from the coastal town of Stonington daily during the peak season (summer). Stop off at Duck’s Landing if you plan on doing some walking on Acadia’s Trails.

Hike the Western Head Trail, a moderately difficult 1.3 mile pathe with fantastic views. You can even walk the land bridge to the islet of Western Ear at low tide.

23. Buy Gifts & Souvenirs at Shore Shop Gifts.

Shore Shop Gifts is an institution on Isle au Haut. Visit this gift shop for unique locally & Maine made goods. A hand-crafted lobster buoy key chain anyone?

24. Visit A Library

Stack of library books

If you are looking for super cozy things to do in Acadia when it rains, than a visit to a local library will hit the spot. Cozy reading rooms, gorgeous views and programs let this be a great idea in the rain.

Seal Harbor Library

Not only will you find yourself enjoying spectacular views from the hilltop above Seal Harbor Beach, you can cozy up in some comfy chairs in the reading room.

Catch up on your long book list you haven’t had time to read. Seal Harbor is also close to the Stanley Brook entrance to Acadia National Park, and Wildwood Stables.

Jesup Memorial Library

A meeting place, a library, a community resource. The Jesup Memorial Library is the public library in Bar Harbor.

Check out their local history resources, or take part in one of their free book signings, concerts, slideshows or informative programs that happen throughout the year.

25. Watch a Show at the Historic Criterion Theater

Criterion is a beautiful old theater in the heart of Bar Harbor that puts on movies, live performances, music, dance, theatre, other events.

The art deco is worth the price of admission alone. For the best views sit on the side aisle seats.

Fun fact – there used to be a speakeasy in the basement.

What To Do In Acadia When It Rains: 25 Ideas

Don’t despair if you get a spot of bad weather. There are so many amazing things to do in Acadia National Park when it rains. Not to mention the weather forecast is often fickle, and the weather can change from one moment to the next.

So put on your rain gear and head out to enjoy what the park has to offer anyway.

Now you know what to do in Acadia when it rains. I hope this helps you brave the weather.

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