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Does it Snow in Maine?

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Maine is a gorgeous northeastern New England state, located on the most eastern tip of the USA.  If you are considering living there, or visiting Maine in winter, you may be wondering what the weather is like and does it snow in Maine? The weather in Maine is variable throughout the year, with warm, sunny and rainy spring and summers,  to cold, windy and snowy winters. 

Yes it does snow in Maine. The annual snowfall in Maine ranges from 50 to 110 inches, depending on whether you are on the coast,  or more inland. In a typical year, snow falls from the end of October to April.  December to February sees the most snowfall, averaging between 13 to 21 inches a month.

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When does it start snowing in Maine?

If you are planning a trip to Maine, you may be wondering when it snows in Maine? Maine usually gets its first dusting of snow by the end of October, up to 1 inch yearly. Make sure you have your winter gear handy because it will last until April.

How many months a year does it snow in Maine?

Snow falls on average 6 months of the year in Maine, from end of October to April. The snowiest months are from December to February, where an average of 50 inches of snow falls over those 3 months.

Rocky winter Maine shore and Lighthouse dusted in snow.
Winter in Maine

What to wear when visiting Maine in winter

Temperatures in Maine tend to be cold in winter, but luckily extended cold snaps and are rare. It’s still important to dress warmly and in layers, especially if you will be  spending any time outdoors or doing winter sports. The top 5 staples you will need for winter gear are:

1. Quality Fleece or Merino Wool Pullover – Fleece or merino wool lightweight sweater will add warmth and a wind barrier. Layers are your friend in winter.

2. Insulated Jacket or Parka – A good quality insulated winter jacket (for men) and (for women) is an investment, but well worth it. My parka has been going over 4 years strong now, and that’s with wearing it over 6 months a year.

3. Wool Socks, Hat and waterproof gloves. – Gotta keep those feet and head toasty warm in the snow and cool weather. A warm wool toque (beanie) and smartwool socks are Maine winter essentials. Smartwool socks (women’s) are my go to winter sock, and they are super popular.

4. Good Pair of Boots – Nothing worse than frozen toes! Make sure your boots are big enough to wear a thicker pair of winter socks. Sorel Boots are my favorite brand, and I have been wearing them for over 15 years, in extreme cold. My kids love the Kids Sorel Boots too. For more urban or less extreme temperatures my go to are these Columbia Slip On Boots – like walking on clouds

5. Quality Rain Jacket – Depending on when and where you go in Maine, you may need to layer up a rain jacket instead of parka. My partner lives in his Eddie Bauer rain jacket, in inclement weather. Columbia is another family favorite for rainjackets (women’s).

Winter gear so warm you could have a nap in the snow (almost)

Does it snow in Portland, Maine?

Yes it does snow in Portland, Maine and the average annual snowfall is more than 60″. Winter runs from November to late March / early April. Temperatures are chilly with an average daily high temperature below 41°F (5°C).

How cold does it get in Maine?

Northern and western parts of Maine are usually colder during the winter than the coastal parts of the state by the Atlantic Ocean.

As a result of being on the ocean, the coast has lower summer temperatures, and higher winter temperatures than the inland areas of Maine. Winters are generally cold, but long cold spells are rare. Maine summers are one of the mildest in the USA. Spring and fall are cool and rainy.

  • January is the coldest month with  an average low temperature of 12°F (-11.1°C) and high of 28°F (-2°C). It also has the most snowfall at around 20 inches. Perfect for crosscountry skiing or snowshoeing (bring your down jacket and warm gear.
  • February is the second coldest month  with an average low of 13°F (-10.5°C), and highs of 32°F (0°C). Snow averages around 16 inches. 
  • In March, expect some rain, mixed in with snow, and an average low temperature of 21°F (-6.1°C) with highs of around 40°F (4.4°C). There’s still plenty of time to try on those ice skates you haven’t put on since you were a kid.
  • April is the start of the wetter, rainy seasons which runs until the first week of October.  June is also known as the mud month, so bring your wellies!  April’s temperatures range from a low of  34°F (1.1°C).  to highs of 53°F (11.7°C).
Does it snow in Maine? Wintery snowy sunset with river in front of snow covered houses.
Winter in Maine at Sunset
Photo: “annavalerievna1 via depositphotos.com”
  • May is the first month of the year without snow. Temperatures range from average lows of 44°F (6.7°C) to highs of  64°F (17.7°C).  Rainfall averages about 3 inches / month. Time to start thinking of camping and campfires. Grab some fun Maine ideas for activities in May
  • June is the rainiest month with an average of 12 days with at least 1 millimeters of precipitation, or 4 inches of rain overall. Temperatures range from lows of 53°F (11.7°C) to highs of 73°F( 22.8°C). 
  • August  tends to be the driest month, with the least rain at under 3 inches. Temperatures range on average from lows of 58°F (14.4°C) and highs of 77°F (25°C). Choose your favorite hiking trail and get out in nature.
  • September is the start of fall foliage season and cooler fall weather. Expect lows of 50°F (10°C) to highs of 69°F (20.5°C). Bar Harbor’s inns & cottages are a lovely place to take romantic weekend getaway.
  • October is peak fall foliage time, and snow is on the horizon. Weather runs from lows of 38°F (3.3°C) to highs of 57°F (13.8°C). Popular time to visit Acadia National Park in fall and take fall foliage drives and hikes in Maine.
  • November is when you’ll need your winter coat, as average temperatures start to dip down to 29°F( -1.6°C), with highs of 45°F (7.2°C). Maine in November still has fun things to do. Try some pre holiday, fall or winter activitie like skiing.
  • December, tis the season to be jolly, and enjoy warming up by a fire. Average temperatures run from lows of 18°F( -7.7°C), with highs of 34°F (1.1°C). Ride the North Pole Express, or take in Festival of Lights for the Holiday season.

Domestic airlines fly into Maine airports year round.

What to wear in Maine in winter. Chinese woman wearing down jacket, hat and scarf in front of ocean and Spring Point Ledge lighthouse.
Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, Maine in winter
Photo: “Dhanscom via depositphotos.com”


As Maine weather starts to cool down, winter activities start to ramp up. Maine is a much loved and well known vacation destination, and winter is no exception. Maine has some top notch ski resorts such Sugar Loaf, and Sunday River Resort, as well as the only ocean view slopes,  at Camden Snow Bowl, close to Penobscot Bay.

Top things to do in winter in Maine include:

  • Sledding 
  • Ice Skating
  • Sleigh Rides
  • Dog Sledding
  • Winter Camping
  • Cross Country Skiing 
  • Snow Tubing In Maine
  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Visit Acadia National Park 

Does it Snow in Maine? Maine in Winter

Now that you know it snows in Maine in winter, and that you can head out to do many winter sports and activities, are you excited to visit? Just be sure to pack appropriate gear, and extra layers. Have a wonderful time!


Does it snow in Maine in October?

Parts of Maine may experience some light snowfall near the end of October, but it is more common for the snow to start the first two weeks of November. Places like Portland, Maine rarely get much snow in October. In fact according to the Maine News Centre there have only been 5 times since the 1800s where Portland has received an inch or more of snow before Halloween.

Does it snow in Maine in November?

November is usually when snow starts to fall in Maine in any quantities, especially by the second week. The average snowfall in Maine in November depends on which region you are in. Caribou, Maine for example averages about 10 – 13 inches of snow in November. Whereas Portland, Maine about 2.3 inches on average.

Does it snow in Maine in December?

Yes you can expect snow in Maine in December. The average amount of snow depends on where you are visiting. Along the Maine Coast the average snowfall tends to be less, and ranges from 9.8 to 14.6 inches. In Central Maine, 11.6 to 28.7 inches, and in Northern Maine 16.6 to 21.7 inches. December is one of the snowiest months in Maine, along with January and February.

What month does Maine get the most snow?

January is the snowiest month in Maine with on average 20 inches of snow. The Northern Interior section of Maine has the highest elevation, and is furthest from the coast, so tends to see more snow than coastal regions. On average the Northern Interior sees 90 to 110+ inches of snow per year, the Southern Interior 60-90 inches of snow, and the coastal region 50 to 80 inches, according to NOAA.

What part of Maine has the most snow?

Northern Interior Maine is the region with the most snowfall, averaging 90 to 110+ inches. Caribou, Maine is the town that sees the most snow each year, due to it’s high latitude, hills and distance from the coast. The average snowfall in Caribou is roughly 118 inches making it a great place to skii, snowshoe and snowmobile.

January is the snowiest month in Caribou, ME with about 24 inches falling on average. The snowiest January on record was in 1994 with 44.5 inches. While the snowiest season on record for Caribou was in 2018-2019 with 165 inches.

Be sure to pack your good winter boots if you are heading to Maine in winter!

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