Family Camping Tips

Welcome to our Family Camping Trip Resources page! If you’re planning to explore the great outdoors with your loved ones, you’ve hit the jackpot.

We know that organizing a family camping trip can be as tricky as getting a campfire started on a windy day. That’s why we’ve gathered all the best tips, checklists, and camping meal ideas in one spot.

From packing lists that ensure you don’t forget the marshmallows to activities that keep the kids entertained, our resources are here to make your adventure smoother and more fun. Dive in and make your next family camping trip the best one yet!


Picnic table, camp chair and campfire in the morning.

Camping with kids can be so much fun, but oh so much work. I love tent camping with our youngest a couple of times a year.

And I’ve found planning is the key to an easy, fun and successful family camping trip. You’ll want to make sure you do some campground research, plan out your meals, and activities and have a packing list so you don’t forget important items.

Printable Camping Planner

Getting ready for a camping trip can sometimes feel like a mountain of tasks—making grocery lists, deciding what to pack, figuring out what to wear, and planning activities. It’s a lot!

But, guess what? You can tackle this mountain of planning with a simple trick: write it all down. That’s why we’re excited to share our Ultimate Camping Planner with you.

Camping planner pages fanned out
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Just pick the pages you need, download them, print them out, and voila! You’re on your way to a more relaxed camping adventure.

Camping with Kids Tips & Ideas

Key family camping tips & ideas, to make camping more fun for the parents too!


Quick, easy and make ahead camping meals that kids love, don’t have to be a magical unicorn.

We’ve gathered some of our favourite campfire, grill & camping recipes for delicious, quick breakfasts, lunches & dinners.

Don’t worry, we’ve also included ideas for camping desserts & snacks too. It’s vacation afterall!

Camping Breakfast Ideas & Recipes

We believe that every camping trip with the family should start with a yummy breakfast that fills you up and gets you ready for a day of adventure. That’s why we’ve put together a treasure trove of breakfast ideas and recipes perfect for outdoor cooking.

These recipes are not just delicious but also simple, easy & quick. Let’s kick-start your days with energy and smiles!

Recipes & Ideas for No Cook & No Fridge Camping Meals

No fridge, no cooler, no cook – no problem! We have ideas for all of those things.

Camping Dessert Recipes & Ideas

Sastisy your family’s sweet tooth with some classic & unique camping dessert recipes and ideas. From classic campfire treats, to make ahead camping desserts.