How Much Does a Family Vacation to the Bahamas Cost?

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Have you been dreaming of a family vacation to the Bahamas but are unsure how much it will cost? If you answered yes to the previous question, then this is the perfect article for you!

The average cost for a family vacation to the Bahamas is around $650 per day for a family of four. This total includes hotel expenses, transportation, food, and entertainment. Depending on what time of year you decide to travel to the Bahamas, it could be more or less expensive.

If you travel to the Bahamas during their off-season, it will be less expensive and less crowded than if you go during their high season. In this article, we will break down the prices for every part of your family vacation to the Bahamas to ensure you have the best idea of the costs.


Young Girl lying in a hammock between palm trees. Tropical ocean and beach in the background.
Looking for a relaxing, fun family vacation in the sun?
Photo: by Siva Dhanasekaran via canva.com

When you are looking to budget for your Bahamas family vacation, you’ll need to factor in the average price of accommodations, food, flights, travel in country (taxis, car rentals, buses etc), entertainment to get a sense of true costs.

You’ll also need to factor in your style of travel, do you prefer budget friendly travels & budget hotels, luxurious all-inclusive resorts, or something in between. This will all affect your total costs.

Generally trips to more remote or less visited islands will increase your travel costs. There are many great deals flying into Nassau airport, and it’s one of the more popular islands to visit.

When is the cheapest time to visit the Bahamas?

Costs to visit the Bahamas will be less during the shoulder season (Mid April to June), and the low season, which generally runs August to November. Budget travelers will want to visit August to November, and have some flexibility to choose the cheapest dates. It’s usually more expensive to have to take your trip on specific dates.

One thing to note is that the hurricane season in the Carribean Islands runs between 1 June and 30 November. The period of highest hurricane risk is between mid-August and early October.

While that doesn’t mean not to book your trip, it’s good to be aware, and have a comprehensive travel insurance plan, in case of cancellations etc.

Another thing to consider is currency exchange. Bahamian Dollars are used, and are pegged on par to the United States dollar.

Two pages of the free beach vacation checklist. Young kids holding hands running down the beach.

How You Get To The Bahamas Will Affect Your Cost

There are a couple of different ways to get to the Bahamas, so if you do not like traveling by plane, you could travel by boat or visa versa.

It will be cheaper if you are travelling into Nassau or Freeport, than visiting a smaller island like the gorgeous Harbour Island, Bahamas.

How much is a trip to the Bahamas? Cost of Flying to the Bahamas

The Bahamas contains 41 total airports, and 24 of them are international airports. Flight expenses depend on what state you are flying from, which airline you choose, and when you decide to fly.

Average cost of a round-trip flight into the Bahamas is:

  • From Miami to Nassau average flight costs $460 and a deal deal is $185 roundtrip
  • From Chicago to Nassau average flight costs $520, and a good deal is $372 roundtrip.
  • From New York to Nassau average flight costs $534 and a good deal is $334 roundtrip

Flying Facts

Here are some facts about flying into the Bahamas and some of the best airlines to fly with family:

  • Flights into the Bahamas tend to be more expensive during winter in the United States.
  • Your passports should be valid for at least six months after you and your family travel.
  • The main departure ports from the United States to the Bahamas are Chicago, Miami, and New York. The main Airlines that fly out of these cities to Bahamas include American Airlines, United Airlines, Jet Blue, Bahamasair, Delta.
  • Most flights to the Bahamas are not non-stop.

Tips for finding cheaper flights to the Bahamas

  • Book at least one week before, but booking around 47 days in advance is when you’ll find cheaper options
  • For the cheapest flights, avoid high season Nov – Jan. 
  • Cheapest Month to fly into the Bahamas tends to be August.
  • Departing in the evening can save you significantly from flying in the morning.

Here’s some flight info to help you narrow down your choices, so you can make a decision that’s best for your overall budget:

Departure CityBahamas- ArrivalsAverage Cost Roundtrip (USD)Good DealRoundtrip – or less(USD)
Miami, FloridaNassau$460 $185
Chicago, ILNassau$520$372
New York, NYNassau$545$334

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Boating to the Bahamas

If you decide to take a boat to the Bahamas, it is best to do so from Florida since Florida is the closest state to the Bahamas.

  • Even if you decide to take a ferry or a cruise ship to the Bahamas, you and your family need to have a valid passport.
  • It costs about $870 for a family of four to travel by the Baleria Carribean ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Freeport.
Parent and child snorkelling in the ocean in the Bahamas. Bahamas Family Vacation.

Factoring Hotel Cost into Your Overall Bahamas Budget

When staying in the Bahamas with your family, it is best to ensure everyone is comfortable, and the hotel you choose is not too far from restaurants and activities.  The average cost of hotel /apartments for rent are around $130/night, or around $900 to $1,000 / week. If you are staying in an all-inclusive resort, or fancy villa, this can increase to $3000 – $5000 / week or more.

Here are some family friendly options for your stay in the Bahamas

Top Pick
Villas & Bungalows
Galliot Cay Long Island
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort
This is the whole family friendly package, for a relaxing vacation away from it all. Bungalows and villas on pristine beach. Friendly and helpful staff. Gorgeous beach that is great for young children. The water activities such as paddle boards, kayaks, and fishing charters and snorkeling trips. Delicious food.
Budget friendlyFreeport
Royal Islander Hotel
The outdoor swimming pool and hot tub, poolside bar, the children’s playground, and a restaurant.
Jubilee Gardens Apartments
Great location that’s clean quiet and comfortable. Full apartment & amenities. Close to downtown and the beach. Free Wifi.
Towne Hotel
Location close to downtown Nassau. Only a 5 minute walk to the beach. The outdoor swimming pool, bar, restaurant,  sun deck, and fishing spot. Continental breakfast included. One child under three years old can stay in a crib for free. One child under the age of 12 can stay for free if using one of the existing beds.
Mid-Range Nassau
Bay View Suites Paradise Island
Location is fantastic, it’s close the beach, restaurants, and Atlantis Aquatic Park.Clean spacious rooms with comfy beds. Two Pools. Breakfast and lunch available 
Top Pick
The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort
Family friendly amenities. 5 restaurants and bars onsite. 2 swimming pools. Ocean views and beachfront resort. Delicious breakfasts. Friendly staff.

Waterfront building in the port area of Nassau, Bahamas
Nassau, Bahamas
Photo: “Dmitry Chetverhukin via canva.com”

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Don’t Forget to Account for Meal Costs

The Bahamas is home to some of the best seafood you will ever eat since all of their seafood comes fresh from the ocean. If you have picky kids that do not enjoy seafood, there is something for them too.

Meals cost on average in the Bahamas is about $17/per person.  Breakfast tends to be a bit cheaper, and of course if you are into sit down fine dining, your meal costs will increase significantly. Budget a minimum of $45 – $75/per person per day.

To get your taste buds inspired we’ve highlighted a few fantastic family restaurants to try.

Here are a couple of the best restaurants in Freeport :

Robinson’s Seafood DelightLocated at the Freeport Harbour. Serves seafood, Caribbean, and Bahamian cuisines.
Meals are for brunch, lunch, and dinner.
They offer takeout and outdoor seating.
Kids will love the atmosphere.
Try the fried conch or giant shrimp and chips.
Cleveland’s Beach ClubLocated in Mather Town right next to the beach.
This hidden gem serves seafood, Caribbean, Bahamian cuisines.
Meals are for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
They offer takeout, reservations, and outdoor seating.
Outdoor seats have oceanview.

Here are a couple of the best restaurants in Nassau:

Cafe MatisseCasual gourmet, that serves local and Italian cuisines and vegetarian & vegan options.
Meals are for lunch and dinner.
They offer outdoor seating with lights and lots of ambiance, reservations, and private dining.
It’s a popular place so reservations are recommended.
Curly’s Restaurant and BarInsanely delicious Caribbean, seafood, and Bahamian cuisines. Vegetarian friendly.
Meals are for brunch, lunch, and dinner.
They offer great service, outdoor seating and takeout.

Don’t forget to bring along travel backpacks for your kids, so they can carry their own snacks, water and change of clothes for your daily adventures!

Mom and child walking along Carribean beach. Family beach vacation.
Carribean beach walk

Transportation in the Bahamas

There are a few different modes of transportation in the Bahamas, which are by bus, car, taxi, and water taxi or ferry.


  • Nassau and Freeport are a few of the only cities that have bus transportation in the Bahamas.
  • The buses here are just like regular public buses, but they are private mini buses.
  • Riding the bus is the best way to get around during the day.
  • The rates for a bus ride in Nassau are $1.25 for most routes and $2 for extended routes.


  • The main roads in Nassau and Freeport are in pretty good condition, and the Bahamian drivers are courteous.
  • It is easier to drive on these streets during the day than at night.
  • There are many car rental places in the Bahamas, and the rates typically start at around $70 per day.


  • Taxi cabs are inexpensive and easy to find in Nassau and Freeport.
  • The fair for taxis are based on distance, and they are fixed by the government.
  • You could pay a fixed price for a taxi if you are going from an airport terminal or a cruise terminal to a major destination.

Water Taxi or Ferry

  • If you plan on going to other islands, there are ferries in Nassau that take daily trips.
  • It only costs about $3 per trip for most water taxis.

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How much is a trip to Atlantis for a family of 4

The cost of a trip to Atlantis for a family of 4 changes depending on the time of year you travel, which part of the resort you stay in and where you depart from. During peak season from December to May the average Bahamas vacation at Atlantis for flights and hotel will cost you around $5000/week at The Reef, around $4200/week at the Royal or at family favorite the Coral, for around $3800/week from the east coast of USA.

Family-Friendly Things to do in the Bahamas

Swim with wild pigs on Pig Island (Big Major Cay), Bahamas

Of course, when you bring kids on vacation, you will need to find some fun things for them to do to keep them entertained. Here are some great things to do as a family in the Bahamas:

Visit the Aquaventure at Atlantis

The Aquaventure at Atlantis waterpark, Nassau is a kids (and let’s be honest an adults) dream water adventure!

  • Atlantis Paradise Island’s water park has 141-acres of water with high-speed water slides and a mile-long river with rolling rapids.
  • There are 20 swimming areas, a kids water-play fort and 11 distinct pools, including 3 kiddie pools.
  • You can also view the Atlantis marine habitat that is home to 250 different species of fish.
  • It costs about $44 per person for a basic ticket, and it costs about $73 per person for a guided tour.

Atlantis is also home to many other amazing activities like snorkeling adventures through ruins, and stingray experiences.

Visit the Ardastra Gardens and Zoo – Nassau

The Ardastra Gardens and Wildlife Conservation Area are located in the heart of Nassau. Inside, there are more than four acres of tropical gardens that are home to more than 135 animals. What your kids will love:

  • There is a petting zoo, a flamingo arena, and a secret garden (see if you can find it)
  • There are a lot of programs and events to entertain and educate kids of all ages.
  • Even though this zoo is a bit small, it is perfect for kids.
  • The cost to visit this zoo is about $18 per adult, $9 per kid from ages four to 12, and kids three and under enter for free.
  • Tip: Reserve your spot and pay in advance, as they are limiting visitors per time slot.

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Swim With The Pigs

Take a shuttle or tour to Pig Island, for a chance to frollick in the sand and water with wild pigs. It’s a thing! Tours last about a full day and can be booked from Paradise Island, Georgetown or as a flight or powerboat ride from Nassau. Make sure to to ask tour operators if they visit Big Major Cay — the original Pig Island.

Pig Island, also officially known as Big Major Cay is only 1 mile long and can be walked up and back in about an hour or two ( depending on if you get distracted, or have littles with you). Keep you eye out for big mama, the biggest and oldest pig on the island. The piglets are sure to bring smiles to everyones day.

Costs vary, depending on where you are coming from. From Georgetown area it is about $200 per adult, but can be more expensive depending on the length and type of tour you choose. Children are generally cheaper.

Lucayan National Park

Lucayan National Park is gorgeous in itself, but it is also one of the only places in Freeport to visit underwater caves. You can take a tour, learn about the rare , the Bahama Swallow, Olive-capped Warbler, and Thick-billed Vireo birds that live here. This is a fantastic spot for kids.

Gold Rock Creek is calm and a great way to see mangroves up close is to kayak. The park also has a pristine beach which is rarely busy, so don’t forget your bathing suit and towel.


Is the Bahamas expensive?

The Bahamas is the 10th most expensive place to live according to global standards. Given the Bahamas are on islands, accommodations, dining and shopping are all more expensive than the USA or Canada. As a traveller you’ll find that eating or drinking out can cost up to 25% or more than in the USA. Especially if you visit mid-range or touristy restaurants. The Bahamas is fairly expensive to visit, especially for a larger family Bahamas vacation, but there are ways you can reduce your costs.

How much would it cost to go to the Bahamas for a Week

The average cost for a Bahamas vacation for a family of four for a week is around $5000-$6000 USD. This would include a mid-range resort or hotel, flights, food and some cheap activities. Depending on your style of travel (budget, mid-range or luxury), and the time of year you travel, the amount you’d spend could be more or less.

How much would it cost to go to the Bahamas for 2

The average cost for a Bahamas vacation for two would come to about $3500 USD for flights, mid-range resort or hotel, and food. Depending on whether you prefer budget, mid-range or luxury travel, and the time of year you go, the amount you’d spend could be more or less.

Final Thoughts: How Much Does a Family Vacation to the Bahamas Cost?

The Bahamas are a fantastic place to vacation with the family since there is no shortage of fun things to experience. It is also good to keep in mind that everything in the Bahamas is more expensive during their high season, so be prepared to pay more per day. I am confident that you will have an amazing time vacationing with your family in the Bahamas.

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