15 Family Beach Vacation Tips (For a Successful Beach Trip With Kids)

Heading out on a beach trip with kids? There is something so appealing about a beach vacation. The sand, sun, beach hair, and relaxation….. Well maybe not relaxation at the beach with young kids. There’s meltdowns, and nap times, sunburns and making sure to pack all the important not to miss beach items.

Even so, there is still so much to love about family beach vacations. Sandcastles, jumping in the waves, beach volleyball, kite flying and beach combing. Not to mention, a family holiday needs a little more planning. Ok, maybe a lot more planning. Here are fifteen tried and true, easy family beach vacation tips to make sure your holiday is as fun-filled and stress-free as possible.

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Young girl leaning over smiling, standing on seaweed covered rocks at beach.

**Make a Beach Vacation Plan**

Bleech, eww, ick…… planning! I know, not the favorite word of overworked and busy parents everywhere. But making a beach vacation plan is essential for saving you time organizing, and headaches during your trip. It can be simple and easy.

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All The Best Tips For A Beach Vacation with Family

1. Pick a child-friendly beach

Big waves can be dangerous, and scary for toddlers or young children. Avoid popular areas that are known for strong undercurrents, and large waves. Beaches that are sheltered bays or coves are better options. Like Ala Moana Beach Park or Hanuama Bay, on Oahu, Hawaii.

Also consider what beach activities you are looking to do as a family. A rocky, pebbly beach is fun for searching for beach treasures, and learning about tide pool creatures. However, a sandy beach is easier for swimming and sandcastle building.

If you have teens, then a beach with waves, for learning how to surf may be more up your alley. Choose your type of beach carefully.

2. Pack the right beach toys, & gear

It is a pain to get to your favourite beach destination, only to realize you forgot the water bottles, beach toys or sunscreen.

Kids don’t need a lot of fancy toys to enjoy a day at the beach. Some of my favorite childhood beach vacation memories are building forts out of driftwood, taking walks along the sand to collect shells and special rocks, and my parents taking us to the 36 hole mini golf each year.

But it is fun to pack a couple of fun beach themed activities or gifts everyone can try out over your vacation. Packing a mini beach toy set, or a blow up beach ball or inflatable water ring can be fun options that don’t take up a lot of luggage space.

3. Make a Family Beach Vacation Packing List

From pre-trip planning and booking accomodations & flights, to packing clothes for multiple people, and getting your pets & house all taken care of, there are a lot of little details to keep track of.

Life is easier with a list (It’s true…..I don’t make the rules), and a beach trip is no different. Make sure you make a beach vacation packing list, and check it twice.

4. Apply sunscreen (A lot!)

With the excitement of arriving at the beach, coupled with hands full of gear (because let’s face it, the adults carry the most), it can be easy to forget to apply sunscreen.

Not to mention it can be hard to get your kids to sit still long enough to put sunscreen on when there’s sandcastles to build, and water to swim in, and crabs to look for.

Remember to put sunscreen on everyone before you leave for the beach. That means you too mom and dad! Then reapply over the day, especially after being in the pool or ocean. Nothing ruins a beach vacation faster than a bad lobster sun burn, and a trip to the ER for sun stroke!

PRO BEACH TIP: Long sleeved rash guards with SPF protection, sun hats and a beach tent for shade are also useful beach gear.
3 young children holding hands running down the beach. Free beach vacation cheat sheet. Grab it here.

5. Drink lots of fluids & Stay Hydrated

When having fun in sunny climates or at the beach it can be easy to forget to drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated. Sitting in the hot sun, or doing fun beach activities like swimming, volleyball or snorkeling can easily lead to dehydration. Pack reusable water bottles, and drinks with electrolytes, or coconut water. Get everyone to drink at regular intervals.

PRO BEACH TIPFreeze a couple of water bottles the night before, and you’ll have cold water as they melt in the heat throughought the day.

6. Bring A Cooler

Avoid hangry kidlets and adults by packing a cooler full of hydrating snacks. Call your family members over for snack time before the melt downs start. Our favorites are frozen grapes, “fizzy water” as my daughter likes to call sparkling water, and watermelon.

young toddler girl in bathing suit on beach blowing bubbles. Family beach vacation tips for stress-free fun holidays.

7. Pack sand-proof snacks

Oh those small sandy fingers reaching in to grab some chips, or veggies can ruin a families carefully planned out snack time. Pack some easy, no-mess kid friendly snack ideas like applesauce or yogurt squeeze pouches, or whole fruit like apples, or grapes that can be easily washed off if sandy.

8. Avoid peak sun times & Nap Times

Avoid visiting the beach and doing strenuous activities during the hottest times of day. Typically that’s 11am — 2pm, although this may change depending on your location.

You’ll also want to factor in nap times if your baby still needs to sleep during the day. Kids are another matter. It’s rare that ours actually had a nap on beach days.

Go to the beach early in the morning, or later in the afternoon / early evening to avoid peak heat of the day.

Young girl holding up a strand of bull kelp at a sandy beach.

9. Be Prepared to Play At The Beach

I too remember those carefree childless days of reading a favorite novel on the beach, and even closing my eyes for a few minutes. If you go in with the mindset you’re there to relax you will be in for a shock! Save that for a couples or girls get away.

Kids are active, and being mentally prepared to dig in the sand, swim in the water, or chase your smiling child down the sand will help you create positive family memories, that will last a lifetime.

10. Prep Your Beach Bag The Night Before

Trying to prepare your beach bags and snacks while your excited kids distract and drive you crazy, is a recipe for losing your parent cool. Do ya feel me?!?

Once your monkeys are tucked in for the night, pack all the beach essentials you need, cut up fruit, gather snacks and freeze waterbottles. Get things done in half the time.

11. Plan For Rainy Day Activities

No one wants to have rainy days on their family beach trip. But bad weather happens. Plan out a few non-beach activities like a movie night (or afternoon), visits to museums or local attractions. We like to pack a few family travel games that are small and take up just a little space.

PRO BEACH TIP: Check the weather forecast the week leading up to your beach trip. Make sure to pack rain jackets / gear if the weather looks iffy.

12. Bring A Beach Towel For Everyone

While it may be tempting to pack fewer beach towels, nobody likes to share a soggy wet beach towel.

We’ve discovered the joys of Turkish Beach Towels. Small, absorbent cotton towels that take up way less space in your suitcase or beach bag.

13. Use a Sand Free Mat & Mesh Beach Tote

I want to bring more sand home, said no parent ever.

Is sand in every nook, cranny, and bedroom floor getting you down? A sand-free mat and a mesh beach tote will be your new best friends to add to your list of what to take to the beach.

PRO BEACH TIP: When bringing your baby to the beach, use an old fitted sheet as a sand free area. Place a cooler, and bags in the corners to help it keep its shape.

14. Choose Beach Destinations With Extra Activities

Look for beach destinations that have kid friendly activities readily available. Like boogie board rentals, restaurants or food vendors close by or nature reserves and hikes. Costa Rica is one of our favorite beach destinations for this.

Looking for more beach destination ideas? Try:

15. Bring Waterproof Bag for Phones

Keeping your cell phone dry and sand free at the beach can be a challenge. Especially with kids kicking sand up, and stomping their sandy feet all over the towels, and you. That is why it is essential to bring waterproof bags for your phones. It can be as simple as a ziploc bag, or a special waterproof cellphone case.

Mom and daughter walking on sunny beach toward turquoise ocean

How Do You Carry Everything to the Beach?

Packing for a beach trip with kids can involve a lot of gear. The best way to carry everything to the beach is in an extra large mesh beach tote. That way you can just shake out the sand, and leave it at the beach at the end of the day. Not bring it home with you to find everywhere! Or a small lightweight, foldable backpack that can easily fit in your suitcase.

If you are taking a beach trip by car, or locally, a collapsible beach wagon is a great option. You can fill it with your beach tote, toys, gear and cooler. Then easily stick in your trunk before you leave.

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What Should I Pack in My Beach Bag?

When heading out for a day of sun, sand and water, there are a few essentials you’ll want to pack in your beach bag for everyone:

  • Sunscreen & Bug Spray
  • Sun Hats
  • Beach Towels
  • Wet Bag
  • Rashguards and Swimsuits / Swim Trunks
  • Floatation Devices / Life Jackets
  • Sunglasses
  • Change of clothes & Underwear
  • Water & Snacks
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Babies (Diapers, cream, change mat, swim diaper & 1 Piece rashguard, bottles, shade tent)

How Do You Keep Kids Busy At The Beach?

Kids can pretty much keep themselves busy at the beach. There’s sand, beach treasures, driftwood forts to build and the water. But if you are looking for fun beach activities to keep up your sleeve for older kids, or to avoid the dreaded “I’m bored” here are a few summer ideas:

  • Sand castle building contest
  • Bury someone in the sand (with their permission)
  • Boogie Boarding
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Kite Flying
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Play tic tac toe in the sand
  • Write poems or messages in the sand
  • Search for crabs
  • Paint rocks
  • Learn about tidepool creatures
  • Play Frisbee, football, catch
  • Read books, or comics
  • Collect beach treasures to make art back home
  • Take lessons (surfing, SUP, Kayaking, Boating)

Beach Holiday Tips & Tricks

Dreaming of a family beach vaction?

A family beach holiday can be fun for everyone, with a little planning, and an openess to the adventure of it all. Your kids aren’t going to remember that their snacks got sandy, or that they had a melt down because you got sunscreen on their favorite red swim trunks.

What they will remember are the time you spent with them, being with them where they are at. Digging moats around your sandcastles for the alligators, teaching them to swim, and seeing how far you can walk along driftwood down the beach.

I hope these Beach Trip Trips will help your family have an awesome beach vacation.

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15 Family Beach Vacation Tips For More Fun in the Sun!

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