20 Santa-Approved Christmas Breakfast Ideas Kids Will Love

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Looking for some tasty and festive Christmas breakfast ideas for kids (that adults will love too)?

We’ve gathered our favourite, easy Christmas morning breakfast ideas that will have them eagerly bounding out of bed on Christmas morning not only for Santa.

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to kickstart the festivities than with a magical Christmas breakfast that will delight your little (& big) ones.

From reindeer rice cakes to Christmas tree shaped waffles & tasty bakes, rolls and french toast, let’s make this Christmas morning unforgettable!

Cute Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Four festive Christmas breakfast ideas; cream cheese wreath, peppermint chocolate donuts, grinch kabobs, gingerbread pop tart people.

1. Pancake Nachos

Photo by XOXO Bella

Kick off your Christmas morning with Pancake Nachos. Extra tasty mini pancakes with Nutella, strawberry topping, candy cane sprinkles, or whatever topping you like.

Santa Claus & kid approved!

2. Easy Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree

This is my kinda Christmas morning – premade cinnamon rolls, so all you have to do is ice and decorate.

Because who has time in the flurry of ALL THE THINGS to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen.

Take their attention away from Santa for 5 minutes and get your kids to eat a little festive something with these quick & easy cinnamon roll Christmas tree. Throw an orange on their plate too, and it’s healthy, right?!?

Chrismtas morning breakfast ideas, chocolate peppermint donuts, Christmas tree waffles

3. Grinch Kabobs

Our family loves some healthy & quick breakfasts Christmas morning too. These Grinch Kabobs can be made in under 5 minutes, and you’ll have some fun snacking to do. Perfect for healthy kid appetizers too.

Prep everything but the bananas the night before, so when the kids are awake at an ungodly-hour-o’clock your bleary eyed self can put them together easily.

⭐️ Grab your Free Letter to Santa templates while you’re at it.

4. Gingerbread Spiced Pancakes

Gingerbread is the smell of Christmas all rolled in one.

Kids of all ages love pancakes, and these holiday spiced & cut out apple gems are a delight to serve those cold mornings.

5. Christmas Tree Waffles

Continuing along the pancake theme, are these fun Christmas Tree Waffles.

Kids can decorate them in fun ways, with whip cream or sprinkles, or just leave them as is.

We like to set out tiny bowls of decorations so they can choose their own. Not so mess-free, but fun!

Nine easy & memorable Christmas breakfast ideas; Christmas tree waffles, gingerbread pancakes, chocolate, peppermint donuts

6. Reindeer Christmas Rice Cakes

Rice cake reindeer, with pretzel antlers, nuttella and smartie nose.
Photo by The Rice Chick

Cute & quick to whip up, Reindeer Christmas Rice Cakes will be sure to please the kidlets.

Perfect for a Christmas morning breakfast, or snack, where you have no time & sugar crashing kids.

We like to sub out the nutella with peanut butter or other nut butter for a little protein, to balance out the sugar you know everyone is going to eat that day.

7. Cranberry Eggnog Christmas Bake

Sometimes with lots of people, waiting to make endless pans of french toast can be daunting. Which is where this delicious Cranberry Eggnog Christmas Bake comes in.

French toast in a casserole form, for a very special Christmas morning breakfast treat. Feed the hungry hoards with a pan or two all at once.

This would go well with some festive, peppermint hot chocolate.

8. Pop Tart Gingerbread People

Run, run as fast as you can…. to catch these tasty homemade pop tart Gingerbread people.

Make your own dough, or cut down on the time & buy store bought dough. Because who has extra time during the holidays?!? I want someone to make these for my Christmas morning breakfast.

You may also like our no-bake Christmas treat recipes for kids.

9. Easy Vegan Snowman Pancakes

Pancakes are so versatile for making cute Christmas breakfast ideas. Just imagine the look on your kids faces Christmas morning when they see these cute snowmen. Toddler friendly too.

You could easily change them up to be Christmas ornaments, Santa or even cut out shapes with a cookie cutter.

Christmas Breakfast Ideas For The Whole Family

10. Easy Baked Christmas Donuts

If you can’t indulge this holiday season, then when can you, I say!

Donuts + Chocolate + Peppermint = heavenly morning pick up after a late evening, and early start.

All my favourite things rolled into one. Plus they’re baked so super simple to make.

11. Cinnamon Crescent Roll Wreath

Holiday baking made super easy. We love this idea & with only 15 min to prep, I think this is going to become our new annual Christmas morning tradition.

Perfect to bring out for a Christmas brunch, it’s sure to wow everyone with a cream cheese filling with a hint of cinnamon.

12. Beet Root Waffles

If you’re trying to avoid food coloring, then these naturally red-pink beet root waffles are a great Christmas themed morning treat.

Beets have a natural sweetness to them, and this small batch recipe can easily be doubled for more sleepy eyed peeps. Your kids will be curious to try them for the color alone.

13. Nutella Banana French Toast Roll Up

We’re always looking for fresh takes on french toast, which is why this Nutella Banana roll up made our list.

Chocolate banana goodness with the golden brown of french toast, they’ll be gobbled up in between running from unwrapping presents to Christmas activities & more.

14. Cranberry Orange Muffins

When you need a back up breakfast plan, these hand held Cranberry Orange Muffins will do the trick.

Even the most resistant, I don’t wanna eat, because I am opening my presents kid won’t mind scarfing down a muffin or two on the go.

15. Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole

Another quick favourite is cinnamon rolls. But these dial up the ooey gooey goodness with an egg based casserole for an extra special Christmas morning delight.

It can be prepped ahead overnight with pre-made cinnamon rolls, and then just popped in the oven in the morning when you wake up. I can smell the cinnamon baking right now.

16. Rudolph Donut Holes

Ok, now this one is extra sweet (& cute). Rudolph donut holes the kids can decorate themselves will be a hit.

Sure, it’s not the healthiest, but Christmas comes around only once a year. And my motto is they’re only small for such a short time, I’d rather just make the memories now. Seize the reindeer days!

17. Maple Roasted Cranberry Oatmeal

If you’re looking for a more healthy Christmas morning meal idea, than you can’t go wrong with this Maple Roasted Cranberry Oatmeal.

Sign me up for anything maple syrup (I’m Canadian eh!). Plus the bright red roasted cranberries add just the festive touch.

18. Raspberry Gingerbread Smoothie

I don’t know about you, but my kids can rarely sit still long enough on Christmas morning to scarf down breakfast.

So this festive raspberry gingerbread smoothie is perfect. Somehow they don’t mind drinking something.

19. Strawberry Breakfast Parfaits

Love these simple & festive looking Strawberry Breakfast Parfaits. Made with layers of chocolate granola or muffins (gingerbread flavours would be a fun twist), yogurt and fruity sauce.

20. Best Eggnog Pancakes

If your family is a fan of eggnog like my youngest is, then these Eggnog Pancakes would be the perfect Christmas morning treat.

Just make sure the Elf on the Shelf doesn’t eat them all before you wake up!

Final Thoughts: Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas for Kids

As the holiday season approaches, creating memorable moments for your children becomes even more special.

These 20 festive Christmas breakfast ideas for kids are a fantastic way to kick off the celebrations with joy and wonder. May your Christmas morning be filled with laughter, love, and delicious bites!

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