Ultimate Happy Holiday Planner Printables

The holidays are a magical time to create traditions, spend time with family and eat yummy food. But it can also be a busy time of organizing dinners, planning gifts, trying to stay on budget, baking, shopping, tree decorting, and the list go on. These Holiday planner printables are the perfect way to create a calm and stress-free holiday season. Keep all your essential info & organizing in one place, so you can lean into the Holidays and focus on creating memories with your family. Bring the magic back into the holidays

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Holiday Planner Supplies

Before we get into all the cool deets of the holiday planner, there are a few things you’ll need to get together:

What do you want your Holiday to look like?

It can be so easy to get caught up in the chaos of the season, rushing from one task or last minute crisis to the next.

“What do you mean the ONE special Santa gift my kid has been begging for the last 6 months isn’t going to arrive before Christmas?!?”

“I thought you were going to buy the cranberry sauce and special sourdough bread.”

” Holy crap…our credit card is maxed after all the holiday spending.”

Take a deep breath, grab a favorite festive holiday drink and gather your family.

Figure out what’s important to your family this holiday season. What traditions do you want to continue? Do you want to decorate a tree while listening to Christmas songs? Do you want to drive to see the lights? Watch your favorite holiday movies? Give back to your community or do an act of kindness for a neighbor?

2 printable Holiday Planner covers with cute woodland animals.

Often we resort to scribbling notes and our to do lists on the back of envelopes, tucked away in unnamed folders in our notes app, or cryptic scribbles added to our calendars.

Let’s help you plan the holiday of your dreams, with this easy to make and use the Ultimate Happy Holiday Planner. Cut through holiday clutter and keep your planning on track. 

Holiday Planner Printables

Do you need help putting the SPARKLE back into the Holidays?

Because you spend your whole holidays running around making the holiday special for everyone else, but barely have a moment to sit down with your favorite warm spicy drink. Nevermind take the time to really enjoy the excitement on your kids faces before running to the next “festive” task.

Then this 30 page Woodland themed Happy Christmas Planner will help you:

✔️ Easily organize & keep track of ALL your Holiday plans, so you can relax & have FUN WITH your family, knowing everything is under control.

✔️ Avoid last minute runs to overcrowded grocery stores with your meal plan & shopping lists.

✔️ No longer dread maxed out credit cards & post holiday money arguments by keeping on budget.

Twelve holiday planner pages fanned out on 4 row of three. Holiday meal planners, Holiday cards, gift ideas, to do lists, grocery lists, budget and recipe printables.

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Christmas Budget Trackers

Creating a Christmas budget is an essential first step. You can lay out & track all your expenses for Christmas gifts, food, decorations, activities and more.

Holiday Budget Tracker and Black Friday / Cyber Monday Tracker pages.
Holiday Planner Printables Download here

Holiday Gift Trackers

Keep track of everyone’s wish list (and hand your own to your special someone).

Holiday gift ideas, wish list and goft tracker pages fanned out.

Holiday Meal Planners & Grocery Lists

The smell and taste of food can bring back special memories of those food traditions we share with friends and family. Having Holiday meal planners & grocery lists, can cut down on time in the kitchen and grocery store madness (and waste).

I have fond memories of sneaking too many intricately decorated gingerbread people, and thin and flaky shortbread cookies from our storage cupboard growing up.

What are some of your favorite food traditions to share with friends and family?

Christmas Meal Planner, Grocery list, Baking List and cookie exchange printables fanned out.

Keep track of new and old Christmas recipes, or invent your own. A fun idea is to grab some friends and family, some fancy festive drink ingredients, and see who can come up with the best new holiday drink. Alcoholic, or non-alcoholic, your choice.

6 printable Christmas planner pages.  Brakkfast, lunch and dinner menu templates, Christmas recipe cards.
Grab your Christmas Menu & Recipe Card Templates & Planner here

Printable Holiday To-do Lists

Master your to-do lists in no time, so their is more fun for watching the delight on your children’s faces, sitting down with your Christmas morning coffee, and play.

Grab your Ultimate Happy Holiday Planner Here

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