9 Reasons Why Family Vacations are important

Are you looking for some reasons why vacations are important for families? If so, then this blog post is for you! Vacations provide benefits that make them worth taking. We will discuss the top reasons why family vacations are important for all your loved ones.

Vacations are important for families. A vacation provides a chance to spend quality time together as a family and to rejuvenate in an environment that’s designed just for you to have fun and experience new things. A family vacation can also be an opportunity to turn off and take time for yourself.

Vacations have been shown to have positive effects like helping to relieve stress and contributing to a better mood. They also encourage creativity and bonding between people in the family unit. There are many benefits of taking family vacations, which is why it should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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1) Family Vacations Help You Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones.

Everyday life can have parents and children running off in many different directions. Whether it’s the adults’ work, teenagers desire to only spend time with their friends, or busy after school schedules. If you’re lacking family time, vacations can be a great way to reconnect with your partner and kids and increase happiness and harmony in your life.

Ways family vacations help you stay connected with loved ones include:

  •  Strengthening family bonds by spending quality time together
  •  Reducing your screen time
  •  Staying healthy with fresh food, and exercising in new ways is good for mental health. 
  • Learning about new cultures and traditions can be such a life long gift. It helps people see different ways of thinking and doing things, developing skills to be more open to other points of view.
  • Learning to navigate the world together  can make for some amazing  stories to be told again and again. 

2) Helps Build Stronger Relationships Between Siblings & Family Members

Other benefits of family vacations are they allow for a lot of time spent with family members and loved ones. They also allow for more quality time together with your partner or spouse,  which can lead to better relationships. Having fun together and laughing together is good for the heart and soul.

Let’s not forget the grandparents, and relatives who live farther away from you. Vacations can also help you get to know family members on a deeper level and give you more insight into their personality. Visiting them can help build stronger bonds and relationships just by spending time with them.

That’s not to say it is always rainbows, and sunny ice cream days. Challenges with family members don’t magically go away because you are on vacation. However, if you are more relaxed, and away from the everyday stresses of work and family life, it can give you  more space to find easier and more meaningful ways to connect with family members.

Family vacations give everybody the opportunity to let go of some stress, relax  and enjoy themselves. Often this makes for more enjoyable interactions, brings families closer together, and also gives children a break from everyday life. Everybody gets the chance to relax in a less highly scheduled and rigid environment.

Some ways vacations help build stronger relationships between siblings include:

  • Taking part in fun activities together, such as games or taking a hike. Being active together encourages teamwork.
  • Celebrating family milestones – like birthdays, anniversaries, 10th country visited, without distractions from work or school.
  • Shared experiences, and common rituals and traditions together create bonds. 

These are just a couple of the ways vacations help build stronger relationships between siblings and families.

A happy multigeneration family on summer holiday trip, barbecue by lake. Benefits of family travel.
Spending time with grandparents on vacation builds relationships.

3) Allows Parents To Spend Quality Time Teaching Their Children New Skills.

A family vacation can be a chance for kids to learn new things, take part in new experiences and explore different cultures.

Some new skills kids (and adults for that matter) can learn while traveling include: 

  • Learning new languages,
  • Bargaining for a better price at an open market
  • Encouraging safe risk taking can lead to kids who are willing to step out of their comfort zones later in life.
  • Teaching kids safety awareness when traveling abroad;
  • Teaching life skills; math ( using / changing money), navigating transit systems and cities, reading maps, how to book hotels & activities, read bus schedules etc.
  • Broadening their perspective on the world as well as themselves, which leads to more cultural awareness and acceptance.
  • Resilience to adversity. Overcoming challenges while traveling can build resilience, conflict resolution skills, and problem solving skills.
  • Teaching kids responsibility for their stuff, other people’s time, and time management skills. Nobody wants to miss their plane to the sunny beach vacation to Hawaii!

One of the best reasons to take a family vacation, and my favourite,  is to teach your kids about other people’s culture through food and language learning that opens up opportunities for cultural exchange.

Experience New Foods, Learn Responsibility & Life Skills

Parents can also teach kids about the world around them through new foods they experience while traveling. Eating local cuisine will help broaden children’s horizons when it comes to food preferences.  Exposure to different cultures and traditional dishes that might be different from what they are used to eating back home, can expand their palate, and create new favorites you can recreate back home too.

You don’t have to travel to far off places or spend a lot of money to teach your children new skills. Learning negotiating skills with siblings, or survival camping skills such as fire building, staying warm in their tent and on hikes are just a couple of endless opportunities.

What better way is there to teach our children about responsibility than by including them in the decision making during trips and including them in the day to day “chores”  during their family vacation? A child will learn patience when waiting his turn at swimming or helping to cook dinner together. And it’s not just “learning”…..spending time on joint tasks like these strengthens relationships between parent and child as well as siblings who might otherwise spend their whole summer fighting over silly things.

Family trips provide time to reconnect  after a hectic school year, teaching your children how to handle difficult situations while they’re young so that they can be more resilient adults in the future.

In fact parents can join in the learning fun and take up a new skill too, such as snorkeling, climbing or horseback riding. The sky’s the limit with family travel. You are never too young or old to learn new travel and life skills. Everybody will have sense of accomplishment and happiness when you develop new skills on trips.

4) Provides Opportunities For The Whole Family To Get Outdoors And Enjoy Nature

Taking a vacation is a great way for children to explore their surroundings as well as spend time in nature, which is so important for mental health and happiness overall.

Some benefits of getting out in nature include reduced stress and  improved mental health, as well as  physical benefits such as better sleep and better ability to concentrate. Some ways families can explore the outdoors together include: 

  • Hiking: The benefits of hikes include that they are free or fairly inexpensive, have short time commitments (depending on the length), can be done with any age group and promote physical activity while enjoying nature’s views.
  • Camping: Camping is a great way for families to enjoy different experiences together in nature. This can help build family bonds while also  teaching children about wilderness skills such as cooking food outdoors, pitching tents and going fishing. 

This type of trip also has environmental benefits due to being more environmentally friendly  if wild spaces are chosen rather than resorts.

  • Cycling: Cycling offers many health benefits such as promoting exercise but it also allows parents to spend quality time with their kids by biking through parks and on bike paths where there may not be a lot of traffic. Explore new routes close to home, or research a cool place to bike trip in a nearby province or state. 

Local camping and hiking adventures also have the benefit of being cheaper (less financial stress), if you don’t have to hop on a plane with 5 people.

Young girl looking over small lake on sunny day.
Outdoor adventures with kids.

Why Vacations are Important for Family

5) Share Family Vacation Memories for Years To Come.

Shared family vacation memories with the kids provide opportunities to create happy memories to look back on, that will last a lifetime!

Some ways families can share memories while on vacation include taking family photos, visiting tourist attractions that the children might enjoy or even taking a selfie in front of landmarks.

Vacations help families find common ground when it comes to interests as well. On vacations where there are activities for everyone on the trip, like water sports or hiking. Most parents say they feel closer than ever before because of the shared experiences and memories created while away from home. This is just one of many reasons why vacations are important for family.

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6) Allows Parents to Recharge from Work and Focus on Their Kids and Partner

One of the benefits for parents is that it gives them time off from work  responsibilities while still being able to spend quality family time with their kids.

Some people have trouble maintaining healthy relationships during long stretches of work days because they’re so tired when they come home at night or too busy on weekends carting their kids around to soccer, dance and friends houses.

If you get a chance, vacations can also give couples some much needed alone time without having to worry about childcare or housework. Leave your kids with their grandparents, a sitter, or use one of those resort services that entertain your kids for you, while you spend some quality time.

7) Family Travel Can Have Emotional Benefits

One benefit many parents don’t think about when it comes to taking breaks from work or school is how much it can help with healing past arguments between members of the family. Family vacations provide time to heal from past arguments and grow closer together.

Whether it’s sibling fights,  your kids fighting over who gets to use the TV in their room for gaming, or you and your spouse arguing about finances, taking time off from these daily stressors can help strengthen the familial bond. It can also help you gain perspective when not in your regular routine. 

Vacations are important for adults who want an escape but don’t always feel like it’s possible in their everyday lives; as well as those who need a change of scenery after working weekdays away and may be feeling worn out by all their responsibilities.

Make new memories together (even if there is still some fighting!)

Follow these key ways to keep sane on family vacations, for better holidays.

Young multiracial family mom, dad, two young kids sitting in back of car smiling.

8)Studies show children who go on regular vacations develop better social skills and academic performance.

Research shows travel helps increase academic performance and better social skills because of the connections to new places and cultures, and developing problem solving skills. 

Travel helps children develop emotional skills and exposes them to different ideas, perspectives, and ways of life that they might not experience otherwise. Traveling can lead to a greater appreciation for the world around them, by seeing how other people live and what their lifestyles are like.

The opportunity to travel can bring confidence leading to greater self-esteem. When children have traveled before, they will be better equipped when it comes time to make transitions in life because they’ve already experienced moving around different places or countries/cultures.

A trip provides an escape from everyday pressures such as school work or dealing with peers at home who don’t share your interests or values. When you’re on vacation there’s less pressure because it’s all about having fun!

9. Family Vacations gives  A chance to Explore New Places You might not Otherwise Visit

During the rest of the year it can be difficult to get out and explore new places, due to time, work and school constraints. Vacations provide an opportunity to get out and explore new places near or far from home.

Some of our family’s favourite memories are of taking part in “tourist” activities in our home town or nearby, when on staycation, or trying to save up for a bigger trip. You don’t always have to travel far to experience something new.

Here are some ideas of new places to explore:

  • Hire a tour guide to take you to a local park, monument or down the river river rafting.
  • Take a vacation to a National Park you haven’t been to before.
  • Take a mini-weekend trip to the town over to take advantage of a hotel with cool water slide and new coffee shops
  • Fly away to your dream holiday to the Bahamas,  gorgeous Hawaiian island or South America.
  • Travel to Spain or Costa Rica, and take an immersive language course as a family.
  • Be a tourist in your own home town. Look up free things to do in your own town. You might be surprised at what you haven’t done yet.

Conclusion: Why You Should Take a Family Vacation

The reasons to take  family vacations are endless! They help with family bonding, create happy memories for years down the road, while also enhancing growth at home with less stressors such as school work, peer pressure from classmates, etc.,

This ultimately leads to happier, more well adjusted children (and parents).

The key is finding the right balance between fun in the sun and relaxation without going overboard so that vacation doesn’t turn into exhausting adventures. So why not plan your next vacation this year now!

Why are family vacations important to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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9 Reasons Why Family Vacations are important

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