Cute Unicorn Activity Sheets for Kids (Printable)

Looking for a fun screen-free activity for kids? Enter the magical world of unicorns, castles, and fairies with these printable cute Unicorn Activity Sheets. Unicorn lovers of all ages will make their unicorn dreams happen with a little sparkle and color. Perfect to use as activities for a Unicorn Birthday Party. Or pack for travel and road trips, and keep the kidlets entertained on rainy days at home.

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Did you know that unicorns appeared in art work of early Mesopotamia, and mythology of India and China? Unicorns have fascinated both young and old forever. What better way to celebrate these ancient mystical beings than with some fun unicorn activities for kids.

Six pages of Kids Unicorn Activity pages fanned out. Mazes, coloring pages, word search.

Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages

The 20 unicorn coloring pages range from simple designs to more detailed. Great for a range of ages and coloring skill levels. See unicorns in their natural forest habitats, frollicking with fairies, and dancing amongst the stars.

9 unicorn themed coloring pages in 3 rows of 3.
Printable Unicorn Activity Book | AMAZON Book

Unicorn Activity Sheets

These adorable kids activity sheets also include 20 unicorn themed activities for your child to do:

  • mazes
  • word searches
  • color & cut unicorn bookmarks
  • learn to draw unicorn activities
  • word scrambles
  • story telling
  • make your own comic; and
  • spot the difference
9 unicorn activity sheets in three rows of three. Unscramble words, mazes, word search, story, drawing.
Printable Unicorn Activity Book | AMAZON Book

These unicorn-themed sheets are perfect for ages 4 to 8. Toddlers would also enjoy the unicorn coloring pages.

Figuring out mazes and word searches, counting up unicorn horns and story writing, all help develop valuable life skills in children. They’ll have so much fun, they won’t even know (or complain) that they are learning at the same time.

My Favorite Unicorn Activity

There are so many adorable and cute options, it was hard to choose just one favorite unicorn activity. So I’m going to chose one coloring page and one activity page. I’m particularly enchanted by this unicorn maze (can you spot the adorable cat?) and the Unicorns as art page.

2 Unicorn coloring and maze pages, with an illustrated unicorn and rainbow in the corners.

I hope you enjoy these unicorn coloring & activity sheets with your child! Let me know which one is your favourite.

Grab Your Unicorn Activity Book for Kids PDF here

Cover page to the Unicorn cover page and 3 activity pages for kids.
Printable Unicorn Activity Book | AMAZON Book

Magical Unicorn Activity Book on Amazon

We also have a non-printable version of our Magical Unicorn Activity Book on Amazon. For if you prefer a done-for-you book, without the hassles of printing.

2 Cover pages to the Unicorn Activity Book for kids age 4-8.

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