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45 Epic RV Gift Ideas: Gifts for RV Owners They’ll Use and Love!

Are you looking for RV gift ideas for the RV Lovers in your life? We’ve searched out the best gifts for RV Owners from the unique and fun, to the practical and personalized. Whether you are looking  to impress your sweetie, buy for your mom and dad or even yourself (YES!), our guide will  be sure to inspire some Happy Campers. 

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With all that is going on in the world, people are taking to their campervans, RVs and tents and hitting the road to National Parks and out of the way camping spots. It’s the perfect time to stock up on some practical and fun gifts for RV owners.

Whether you are looking for RV gift ideas for for those living their life on the road, or part-time RV travelers, it can be a challenge to know which gifts are worth taking up their valuable space. Our guide will help you choose practical, unique, and fun RV gifts to suit your favourite RVer, no matter what your budget.

These make great gifts for new RV owners, for Christmas Gifts or a Birthday Gift for friends and loved ones.

  1. RV Gifts under $25
  2. Perfect Kitchen Gifts for RV Owners
  3. Practical RV Gift ideas – That aren’t boring
  4. Fun & Unique Gifts for RV Campers
  5. Essential Gifts for RVers
  6. Kid-Friendly Camping RV Gifts


Best RV Gifts Under $25

Not just for Christmas stocking stuffers, and the holiday season. RV Campers will enjoy these high quality, useful and fun RV Gifts under $25. Help them live their next RV adventure with the perfect present.

Bees Wax Food Wrap

Bees Wax Food Wraps are an eco-friendly alternative for food storage that takes up way less space than traditional plastic wrap. It’s also reuseable so better for the environment. Plus they come on so many fun, unique patterns, it makes for great gift. Or try the Bee’s Wrap off Amazon.

Dish Towel – Camper Themed

Camping themed dish towels would be a fun gift for Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s Day. An ideal camping gift for the RV Lovers in your life, and a great gift for an rv kitchen. Up your gift game by personalizing them.

Silicone Storage Bags

Continuing along the more eco-friendly gifts, silicone storage bags are handy for easily storing food, are reusable, and take up little space when not in use.

Compact Folding Step Stool

A compact folding step stool is an incredibly useful and practical gift to give RV owners. It will be well used to help reach awnings, and make getting in and out of the RV easier. Plus it folds down to fit in tight spaces.

Quick Dry Towels

Quick Dry Towels are a hit with RVers of all ages. They are you guessed it, quick to dry, take up less space, plus come in many fun colors and patterns, Or choose a wildly patterned sand proof quick dry beach towel. We take our quick dry towels on all our travels.

Wine Tumblers – Yeti

Insulated wine tumblers with lids are the perfect gift for wine loving RVers. The lid provides extra protection against spills, which in small spaces can be handy. Or prevents ash or dirt from falling in their drink around the campfire.


A headlamp makes a great, useful gift for people who own campers and their kids! Shed light on the darkness when reading, or walking the campsite at night. Get them ready for the next camping trip.


RV Owners have unique requirements for kitchen gadgets due to space constraints. Our rv kitchen gifts section gives you some idea of the most popular, useful and space saving gadgets RVers love.

Instant Pot

An Instant Pot is the ultimate kitchen accessory. RV owners need to save space, and any kitchen appliance that can do double or triple duty is a bonus. 

Not only can it make the usual suspects such as rice, stew, beans and soup, it can also make desserts, hard boiled eggs and yogurt. The small 6 Qt is mighty for it’s size, and takes up less space.

Collapsible Dish Tub

While a collapsible dish tub doesn’t seem like the most exciting idea on the list, this one does come in many fun colours. Plus there are times when RVers won’t have sewer and water hook up, so dishes must still get done.

Coffee / Espresso Maker

I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without my coffee. My family and I have tried many portable solutions for our outdoor adventures.

Here are our favorite portable coffee makers from the small collapsible coffee dripper, to a small espresso machine for the coffee fiend who can’t miss out on their espresso drinks. Add a bag or two of some delicious coffee beans and you’ll be their favourite forever.

Coffee Dripper – Sea to Summit X-Brew

The Sea to Summit silicone coffee dripper makes a delicious pour over brew, and collapses down flat to save space.

STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine

Give the gift of delicious espresso drinks on the road. The Staresso Espresso Machine is compact, easy to use, and is pumped by hand, so you don’t need electricity. Use grounds or pods. An awesome RV travelers gift.

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

The smaller Breville Espresso Machine is ideal for full-time RVers, with a bit more space, or those who are die hard espresso fans who want the perfect espresso drinks on the road no matter what.

Immersion Blender

Looking for an essential space saving kitchen gadget gift? An immersion blender is ideal, as there is no room for a large blender in an RV. A hand held blender is perfect for making smoothies, soups, salad dressings, sauces and more, which can be easily tucked away after use.

Collapsible Measuring Cups

Listed as a top RV gadget, these collapsible measuring cups are a useful, colourful addition to the kitchen. 

Space Saving Kitchen Gadgets

Grab a 5 pack of space saving kitchen gadgets that lie flat in a nesting position. Handy tools in small sizes for RV living.


PRACTICAL RV GIFTS (That aren’t boring!)

Practical RV Gifts don’t have to be boring. Here are a few RV essentials that make useful ideas.

RV Mat or Rug

An RV has a much smaller living space than your home, so an outside RV rug can extend the space available. Most RVers like to spend a lot of time outdoors, and most of our RV friends have one. 

If your rv lover has kids, an RV door mat is even more important, to help keep the dirt out . A themed welcome mat can put a smile on anyone’s face, and help keep the sand, dirt, and debris out of the RV.

Berkey Water Filter

A water filter is essential for RV travellers on the road, especially for those out of the way stops, off the beaten track. Staying hydrated and having access to clean water on the go is peace of mind (and body). 

Berkey Water Filters also happen to be one of the most highly recommended and popular water filtration systems for RVers. It filters out bacteria, lead, and contaminates. 

This will more than pay for itself over time, as they won’t have to buy water in plastic bottles, which is also better for the environment. 

The Travel Berkey water filter is a good size for an RV, Give new RV owners or old a leg up on their RV life.

Portable Propane Fire Pit

A portable propane fire pit makes it so easy to enjoy a warm, smokeless fire, where you can’t light wood. Practical gifts don’t have to be cold. Light a fire in the great outdoors, and bring some heat to their outdoor living space.

LED Rope Lights

LED Rope Lights make fun practical gifts that you’ll find at many a campsite. They can be laid out on the ground, or strung up on your awning to add a bit more light at night. Plus they come in different colours, for a festive look.

Solar String Lights & Charger

The MPOWERD rechargeable solar string lights are cool as the sun recharges them, plus it has the added bonus of being able to charge your devices. Two-in-one fun!

Camp Life Crate

Photo by Camp Life Crate

Whether you like to rough it, or glamp it up in your van / RV the Camp Life Crate will help you live your best RV life. Outdoor essentials include supplies, decor, food, and gear.

Roadside Emergency Kit

A Roadside Emergency Kit will help give you and your RVer peace of mind, knowing they will be prepared. While it doesn’t contain everything an RV traveller will need, it does a good job of covering the basics with a first aid kits, jumper cables, strong towing cable, multipurpose tool and more.

Camper Stove Cover

Stove covers are great for tiny spaces, as they add extra counter top space. This one can also be used as a serving tray.

Sand-Free RV Mat

A Sand-Free RV Mat is a fantastic addition for the patio space under their awning. Clean, dirt free spaces are a must, and this one allows wind and sun through it so it’s also less likely to kill grass underneath.

Leatherman Multi-tool

Eighteen tools in one, a Leatherman is the perfect gift for the handy RVer who likes to DIY.

Pendleton Wool Blanket

Year round RV Campers will appreciate a 100% wool blanket to wrap around themselves by the fire or cozy up with in bed.

I love that this line celebrates USA National Parks, in this case Grand Canyon. While a bit more on the pricier side, it’s a gift that will last a lifetime.

National Parks Pass

Many RV enthusiasts and full-timers love the outdoors and exploring National Parks surrounding them.  An annual America the beautiful park pass will be a gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

Pick out a USA vinyl sticker map  or complete National Park stickers to go with it, and your favourite RV traveller can keep track of all the places they’ve been that year.

Looking for National Park ideas? Check out:


Personalized RV Gifts

Personalized RV gifts add that extra thoughtful touch, that celebrate your friends or family’s love of the RV lifestyle. Here are a few gift ideas I love (and would love to receive myself).

Personalized Camper Mug

A personalized camper mug adds a special touch to your RV gifts especially for those hard to shop for peeps.

Personalized Decal

Wow the RV Lovers in your life with a personalized decal for their vehicle(s).

Welcome Flag


A personalized travel flag or a welcome flag makes for a fabulous gift for friends and family who are RV owners.

Customizable RV Travel Journal

Help your RV friends keep their travel memories alive with a customizable travel journal. Choose the font, picture and words. Ideal for retirees, travelers, couples and happy campers of all ages.

RV Log Book

The Ultimate RV Log Book to let RV travelers record all the important info on the campsites they’ve visited over the years. Keep track of all the great and not so great spots with an easy to reference system for both Canada and the US. A great gift to keep all the memories of RV living alive in years to come.

Camping Bucket Light

Great gift to light up the campsite. A LED Camping Bucket Light is multipurpose. You can place it outside the RV or on a picnic table, take it on a walk to the bathroom or even on your patio at home.

RV Themed Clothing

RV and Camping themed clothing is a great RV gift idea for someone who has everything. What RV Owner wouldn’t want some cute themed clothing to wear.

Feel The Freedom: Sun Compass Designs

5 Billion Star Hotel: Sincerely Sara Designs

Dog Bandana: Wild Wags

CHECK OUT my Etsy gift guide list for more awesome and unique RV & Camping themed gifts for the whole family.


People who own and travel by RV prefer items that are multipurpose and help contribute to their unique RV lifestyle. Here is a list of  the best gift ideas for RV Owners who are looking to camp out full or part time. These make great gifts for new owners, and as Christmas gifts.


Lying in a hammock is another popular pastime with camper owners of all ages. Many an hour I have spent relaxing in hammock’s on outdoor adventures in my youth and as an adult.

Choose one with a stand, for a hammock that can be used anywhere.

Screened Tent

A screened in gazebo tent can help your favourite RV camper beat the heat and avoid the inevitable bugs, plus give more outdoor space to hang out in. Digital nomads will appreciate this space to set up an office in.

Choose one that is easy to set up, and take down that doesn’t let those pesky noseeums in like this one:

Kindle & Book Subscriptions

One thing is for certain, there is definitely not room for a library of books in an RV. A portable e-reader, that let’s an RV owner have 1000’s of books for entertainment, and learning at their fingertips, is a gift that keeps on giving.

The new Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof (no worries at the beach), 2x the storage, WIFI capabilities and audible access through bluetooth.

Do they already have en e-reader? A gift membership to Audible or a gift Kindle Unlimited Membership would be a delightful and entertaining RV present for them to enjoy in the months to come.

Portable RV Grills

Grills are a must have camping accessory, and make a super useful gift for those that love to get their grill-on while RV camping. Cooking outside is preferred in warm summer weather.

A portable grill makes an awesome July 4th or Father’s Day present or a family trip to local National ParksHere are a two of the best portable RV grills in varying sizes and power points to suit everyone’s needs.

Cuisinart Petit Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

RV living at its finest. If you are looking to choose a small, table top grill, that is easy to pack up (fits in a rubbermaid container), than the Cuisinart Petit Portable Tabletop Gas Grill is a highly respected choice. It’s features

  • 5,500 BTU, propane grill
  • 145-square-inch grilling area
  • compact, legs fold in, with carrying handle

Coleman Road Trip Grill LXE

The Coleman Road Trip LXE is a collapsible grill that can be put up, or away in seconds. Features include:

  • Up to 11,000 BTU, propane grill
  • 2 adjustable burners & 221 sq. in grilling area
  • Push button ignition
  • Slide out table for more space
  • Interchangeable cooktops

Don’t forget to include some high quality Grilling Utensils.

RV Organization Gift Ideas

An organized RV makes for happy campers. Small space means there’s less room to make a mess, and things can get crazy faster than you want. Here are some fantastic RV organization storage hacks that will please your friends and family.

Bedside Storage

Storage is at a premium in an RV or Camper, so anything that can help keep things organized like a bedside organizer caddy makes a great present. Keep a tablet, cell phone, and all essentials within arms reach.

Toiletry Kit

A toiletry kit is essential for those times your full or part time RVers don’t have hookups, and need to use the shower facilities at the campground. Choose one that lies flat to take up less space, and has a hanging hook. 

Packing Cubes

Eagle Creek Packing cubes and organizers are favourites around here to keep clothes, laundry and small items, organized in small spaces.

Walkie Talkies

A two-way radio is an awesome gift for RV travellers who also bring their own car alongside their camper van. Stay in touch as you travel the byways, highways. This is especially useful for mountainous or other areas that have no or limited cell coverage.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Impress your RV owner friends and family by buying a super useful tire pressure gauge. The locking air inflator is angled at 30 degrees to reach the inner tires, and is a must have to help avoid tire blowouts.

Foldable Camping Table

A foldable camping table is a versatile gift for rv enthusiasts that will be used for years to come. They can set it out as a kids craft table, as a dinner or a potluck  table. 


Let’s not forget the RV loving kids. We have a comprehensive Camping Gift Guide for Kids. But we’ll highlight a few of our favourite and fun kid-friendly, rv inspired gifts here.


Sporks are perfect utensil for families and they take up less space. Is it a spoon, is it a fork? Besides “sporks” is a fun word to say. They would make a great kids road trip gift.

I am loving this rainbow coloured set. A knife, fork and spoon in one.

Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies for kids will be a hit too. Let kids feel some independence and live their best kid adventure life with some Walkie Talkies.

Subscription Boxes for Kids

All good things in life are wild and free. Warmth from campfires, swinging in a hammock, walking in the woods. Help your children live out their best life in the wild. Plus activities to keep them entertained indoors when the weather turns bad, or they need a quiet activity.

Think Outside Boxes boxes teach your kids basic survival skills. It is designed to promote exploration and survival in the great outdoors. Each box covers a new theme including first aid, nutrition, and outdoor shelters.

Green Kids Crafts are perfect when you want to bring fun activities to keep your kids entertained on the road or at camp, but don’t want the work of putting all the materials together. Easy for the parents, so fun for the kids, they’ll forget they’re learning.

Owl Post Books offers 3 carefully curated books by age range, a seasonal craft and interactive box monthly. Help them stock up on their reading for camp.

RV & Camping Themed Books & Activities

Kids Fire Tablet

A Fire Kids Tablet will allow your favourite kids to bring music, games, books, audible books, and educational content along in one (almost) indestructible device. This a great alternative to physical books as RV families are always looking for ways to save space and weight.

Lonely Planet’s America’s National Parks book is a great addition to a kids library for inspiration to visit National Parks. Full of awesome facts and gorgeous pictures this will inspire your kids curiosity and excitement about exploring nature around them.

For the littlest ones on your crew, Goodnight Campsite highlights RV’s so is a fun option for RV families. This book  follows visitors as they explore the nature park where they are staying during the day (hiking, biking, fishing) and their campsite at night. 

We also love her Tent Mouse, RV Mouse, a modern twist on the old Aesop’s fable The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. One mouse loves being outdoors in his tent close to nature, the other prefers the safety of the RV. Both learn it’s ok to like different things and spend time camping.

National Parks Journal from Acadia to Zion to record all their adventures in US parks. Each park has 2 pages to write all their memories and space for a National Park stamp.

Learn Wilderness Survival Tips with Bushcraft 101 which covers the 5Cs of Survivability. Cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages.

Happy Camper Colouring Book for relaxing, enjoyable artistic activities.

45 Epic RV Gift Ideas: Gifts For RV Owners

Now you have some fun, unique and practical gift ideas that will fit into the RV lifestyle. I hope our guide has been helpful. Have a favorite RV gift idea we missed? Let us know in the comments below, or connect with us on social media. We’d love to hear from you!

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