Ultimate Family Vacation Planner Printables

Dreaming of an awesome vacation with your family? Whether you are hopping a plane, taking a road trip, or sticking close to home, trips are more successful with a plan. We’ve gathered our years of travel experience into these family vacation planner printables to make organizing your next trip a breeze. If you don’t want to spend your whole travels managing all the details, and not being able to relax, then this post is for you. So relaxing on the beach isn’t a pipe dream, it’s reality and #lifegoals.

Plus we’ve added in some key family travel tips, to make your organizing and trip smoother.

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Vacation Planning Templates

Sometimes just knowing where to start is half the battle. When life is soooo busy with kid activities, and lunches, and work, it can be hard to find the time to just sit down and think about where you even want to go.

Or maybe you’re like me and your family travel bucket list is longer than 3 lifetimes worth of vacation time. Creating a travel bucket list and doing some pre-trip planning are the first steps.

We’ve put together over 50 pages of vacation planning templates and printables to walk you through your vacation planning from start to finish.

That many pages may seem overwhelming. But not to worry, you don’t have to use them all. We just wanted to make sure we covered as many aspects as possible.

Just print off and fill in the one’s you want each and every family trip.

50 Page Family Travel Planner & BONUS Kids travel activity book (8 pages)

Bucket List & Pre Trip Vacation Planning

Vacation planning can be done in steps. If you haven’t created a family travel bucket list, get your kids and partner in on the action, and dream up all the places you want to go, and things you want to do.

Now isn’t the time to be practical. If money / time were no obstacle, where do you want to go?

Remember there are only 17 summers / years until they are off in the world.

6 printable travel plannig checklists fanned out. Cover, Belongs to page, Pre-Travel Checklist pre-filled and blank, Trip research worksheet & Bucket List orintables.
Travel Planning Checklists

Then check out the pre-travel vacation checklist, which gives you all the trip essentials you’ll need to consider, and ideal timelines.

If your trip is happening sooner than 3-6 months, just compress your timeline, and there will be more to do in the short term. Don’t panic! I believe in you.

PRO TIP: Check the expiry dates on your passports ASAP!!!!! Passport appointments are hard to come by, line ups are long, and waiting to get them in the mail can be nerve wracking. Do it today, even if you aren’t sure you’ll travel this year.

Travel Budget Printables

You need a budget! I know, not the most glamorous aspects of travel planning, but one of the most essential. Make sure you have a realistic budget, and savings plan to get there.

Reduce your financial stress by not coming home to large, expensive credit card bills.

Looking for ways to reduce costs, and increase your travel fund? Check out these simple ways to build to build your family travel fund.

PRO TIP: If you’re trying to save more, a travel savings tracker can help keep you motivated by seeing how your travel fund is growing each week or month.

Family Travel Itinerary & Research

Now you have an idea of your family travel budget, it’s time to do a little research for your accommodations, flights, and activities. We use skyscanner and google flights to research and track the flight prices.

No matter what type of vacation you are planning, these vacation planner templates will come in handy before and during your trip.

7 Family travel planner printable pages fanned out. Dailyitinerary, itinerary overview, activities planner, accomodation
Family Travel Planner

Packing Lists for Your Family Vacation Planner

Save money and time with printable packing lists.

A packing list will make sure you have all the essentials for your beach vacation, road trip or any other vacation plans. Never forget your kids favorite blankie, necessary medication or passport again.

It can be stressful having to turn around and grab your ID / Passport you forgot at home, half way to the airport. Ask me how I know? Never happened again, let me tell you.

6 Packing Checklists fanned out. Printable packing lists prefillled and blank for kids, adults & activities. Outfit Planner  and first aid kit printable worksheets.
Packing lists for the whole family

Emergency Contacts, Pet & House sitter Printables

Give yourself peace of mind, knowing everything is under control back home.

Make sure you to schedule or book your house sitter and/or pet sitter well in advance.

Whether it’s a close family friend or a pet sitting service, you will be able to relax more knowing your home and family pets are well taken care of. These pet sitter and house sitter printables will make sure you have your to-do list checked off well ahead of time.

6 emergency, pet sitter & house sitter printable worksheets fanned out.
Printables for Emergency Contacts, House Sitters & Pet Sitters

Road Trip Printables

If you are heading out on a road trip, you’ll want these road trip printables to do some route research, and plan out your route and activities a long the way.

If you are planning a full on family road trip, we recommend grabbing our Ultimate Road Trip Planner Bundle. It’s focus is checklists specific to road trips, and easy road trip meal planning.

3 Road trip route planning and research printables fanned out.
Road Trip Planner Printables

Printable Travel Journal, Souvenir Trackers & To-Do List

Keep your memories forever with the printable Travel Journal Pages. Write down your thoughts, impressions, and favorite moments.

Even take a moment to jot down those funny or annoying travel experiences. They all become the stuff of family legends.

The printable to-do list is there for flexibility to write down anything unique to your vacation we may have missed.

12 Monthly Undated Calendars for Travel Planning

Make plans for the whole year with the 12 monthly undated calendars. They’re undated so you can print off and use year after year to make your family travel binder. Or just keep track of every day activities, holidays and special events.

This way the whole year doesn’t pass by, with you wondering what the heck you did as a family ………

Or why family vacations didn’t happen.

Twelve monthly undated calendars for travel planning, lined up in rows.
Monthly undated calendars for travel planning

BONUS: Printable Travel Activity Book for Kids

Avoid the whiny “are we there yet,” mind numbing chant from your kids with screen free fun activities. The ten Kids Travel Activity pages (including cover & Answer key) will keep them busy, and give you a few moments of peace.

Bring out on long plane trips road trips, or rainy days.

5 Printable pages of Kids Travel Activities fanned out
10 Page Kids Travel Coloring & Activity Book


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